Executive Summary

Nazrie (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd, also known as NMSB is the innovator in the designing of unique small scale Hydroelectric power plant which runs using Kinetics Technologies. In the field of hydro-electrics designs, much will depend on the availability of sufficient water flow and on the height of falling water besides the requirement of a large impoundment of water. These limitations has affected the widespread construction of hydro-electric plants. In contrast, using Kinetics Technology, which is patent pending by Nazrie (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd., the construction of hydro-electric plant will rely on source of Ndb mechanism and water. Further more, this technology does not depend on hydrology assessments to assess the potential power via the height and flow rate (Q m/sec) which is done on conventional hydro-electric power plant. In short, using Kinetic Technology opens the scope to wider use of hydro-electric plants. Additionally, under the governance of Sustainable Energy Authority Malaysia (SEDA) Renewable Energy Act 2011, Hydro-electric business will benefit on 21 years of guarantee income by virtue of the fact that electricity can be sold to Public Utility Firms. Risk of marketability will taken away from the equation. One of the virtue of using Kinetic Technology power is the elimination of penstock requirements. No huge space is required and environmental and territorial disputes are avoided. Further more, the power plant can be built closer to TNB sub-stations which will ultimately reduce transmission line cost.

Summary in Kinetic Hydroelectricity

Kinetic Hydroelectric power plants ensure reliable delivery of electricity by enabling the stable production of electricity which isn’t the case with other renewable energy sources such as solar and wind, river hydro (the intermittency of solar, river and wind energy).

Kinetic Hydroelectric power plants have high potential to be the largest share of renewable energy in the world moving forward, much more than typical hydro, solar, wind and geothermal energy do. Once constructed Kinetic hydroelectric power plants have very long lifespan and relatively low maintenance. The capital investment also relatively comparable to typical hydro power plant.